Genesis of Closing the Gap Retreat

The idea for Closing the Gap Retreats was birthed out of working together for years in Community Development with my friend, Cheryl Miller, Founder and Owner of Quantum Circles Consulting and Training. We’ve both seen the world as we think it could be by the...

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Black Face Makes Me Pause

I began the week with a mission to write about racism and white supremacy. I promised that I would do so in my last blog. I wrote down a lot of things. None of it felt right, or useful. As the week came on and the black face scandal unfolded, especially here in the...

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Conception of Praxis Collaborative & Journeys

Can something be created that really makes the world a better place for all living things? Will you labor with the gifts and resources you’ve been given to create that something which makes the world a better place?

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